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Black and White Wednesday September 22, 2010

Birthday parties for me as a kid always consisted of a “jumper” a pinata and lots of food complete with a character theme cake. Now that it’s my nieces’ and nephew’s turn, I think I’m having more fun! I still get to jump, I still get the food, and I get to take pictures of them having the time of their lives.

Have a great Wednesday!

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Black and White Wednesday September 15, 2010

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week, it’s already Wednesday! I shot these a while back but never posted them. The angel pictured belongs to my mom, the orb in her hand lights up at night with solar energy. I think the photos look a bit eerie in black and white. Perfect for upcoming Halloween….

Happy Wednesday!

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Black&White Wednesday September 1, 2010

I’m pretty much a sucker for nature, so here are some shots I took at the park on Saturday at Ed R Levin Park before the birthday party.

Speaking of Black and White, how fantastic did Rafael Nadal look last night in the first round of the U.S. Open?!

Photo from US Open

Happy Wednesday!

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Black&White Wednesday August 25, 2010

I’ve been super busy lately and missed last week’s B&W Wednesday 😦 But this week I’m back!

I had a chance to hang out with my niece and nephew this past weekend and had a blast! Kids can be so energetic and seem to always refuse to pose, but catching them in action is the key.

I think I’ve almost got Saul convinced to play little league, he’s a natural!

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Happy Wednesday!


Black&White Wednesday August 11, 2010

I was going through my stuff the other day and I came across a couple of things from my ceramics class (best class ever!) in high school. I made the heart one and I received the one with my name from a friend. I took so many photos, I had a hard time choosing!

Originals (I just wanted to show the colors!)

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Happy Wednesday!


Black&White Wednesday August 4, 2010

Ever since I first saw a black and white Wednesday post on Maddy’s blog I’ve been wanting to give it a shot. So away we go!

My family often makes trips to Manteca (my dad calls it “lardo” ) where my brother and my uncles live. The first time I took this trip I thought we would never get there. When we finally did arrive it was the middle of July and 102 degrees outside. Holy smokes, it was the worst trip ever! That was many many years ago. Now I enjoy the views the one hour (with traffic it can easily be close to two) trip offers.

Hooray for wind power! I didn’t know what these “big white spinning things” were at first.

The ever present sun I have (sort of) come to love. Ah sunny California.

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