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Black and White Wednesday September 22, 2010

Birthday parties for me as a kid always consisted of a “jumper” a pinata and lots of food complete with a character theme cake. Now that it’s my nieces’ and nephew’s turn, I think I’m having more fun! I still get to jump, I still get the food, and I get to take pictures of them having the time of their lives.

Have a great Wednesday!

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Benvenuto! July 16, 2010

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What is it about Italian food that is just so bene? We went out to dinner yesterday for my mom’s birthday to Olive Garden.  My sister got the greatest looking lemonade ever with fresh fruit in it.As delightful as that looked, I was very hungry so I immediately started reading over the menu and was pleasantly surprised to see that they had a new vegetarian dish, I of course ordered it. It was lasagna noodles rolled up stuffed with cheeses and baked over tomato sauce that tasted like tomato bisque soup, yum.Sorry about the quality, my sister forgot the camera and I had to use my phone again. I really need to get my own camera. Unfortunately I had to turn off my phone at this point because of a low battery. I did however use another phone to snap some pictures on the way home.Those would be my sunglasses on my dad. Hope everyone has a fun and joyful weekend! Peace&Love.