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Journey September 16, 2010

I haven’t had a chance to post about my journey to Happiness Love and Wisdom yet. Until today!

One thing the book stresses is to not let things bother you, especially the little things! Well I thought I was doing particularly well, I let things go and you know what? It felt great. It’s like getting rid of unnecessary suffering. I would usually get really irked if dishes were not put in the sink or trash not in the trashcan. Recently however, I’ve just put everything where it should go myself. It didn’t cost me a lot of time (seconds really) and I texted everyone a (nice) reminder. You attract more bees with honey right? So all was going well until last night, as I am typing I am hanging my head in shame, but I will share my story with you all.

So last night was the Giants/Dodgers game at 7 p.m. (pacific time) and was totally bummed to find out it was blacked out in my area. I immediately got online and looked up the game on our provider’s website and it said it wasn’t blacked out! I told my dad to tune back to see if it still had the message. I wasn’t looking at the television screen as he did it, but somehow the game came back on. I was so happy! Until the first commercial. My dad decided to change the channel to check out a bit of bicentennial celebration for Mexico’s Independence Day, before he did though I warned him “don’t do it, we might not get the game back”. Well he changed it anyway and like I had predicted the game didn’t come back, it gave us the same blackout message. Now at this point I lost all sense of “letting things go” I told him things I am now embarrassed to even type, I said things like “you should’ve listened” “I told you not to” “now we won’t see the game because you changed it”. I immediately went online to chat with a customer service representative (didn’t help) and calmed down. I didn’t say much afterwards, but I immediately thought to myself “what the heck is your problem? it’s not a big deal”.

So that is my story of my shall we call “fail”?

I hereby promise it will not happen again for at least 3 days (small goal yes, but it is one I know I can keep). Maybe it’s my guilt or sense of failure (probably both), but I am so sure I can control myself. Maybe it was bottled up and he was the outlet. If that’s the case then I seriously need to read more of Buddha‘s Brain. I again encourage you all to follow my journey and hopefully take something away from it for use in your lives and pursuit of Happiness Love and Wisdom.

Don’t let small things anger you, if it can be fixed then fix it, if it’s not important then don’t worry about it. Don’t let anger turn you into another person, it’s not worth it. La paz es amor.

Happy Thursday!


Friday Thoughts August 20, 2010

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Cleaning. Just hearing the word invokes many emotions in me including anger and peace. Wide spectrum I know, but I’m one of those people who actually like cleaning, to 60s rock n roll or top 40 hits no less. Another part of me however, hates cleaning when someone else says to or cleaning when I know the person responsible is doing no cleaning of their own. That irks me beyond reason. Another thing that irks me beyond reason is unnecessary rudeness. Once upon a time not too long ago I was in line to pay at a local store and the ladies in front were being just plain rude to the gentleman at the register, what did he do to them? The answer is nothing, they were just plain rude. Why are there so many angry people in life? What did life do them to make them push back everyone and everything? My guess is that they had to clean someone’s mess. I usually try to be polite to everyone regardless of their attitudes, but there are times where I feel as if I have to defend. So my question for you all is, how do you deal with “angry” people?

Happy Friday!