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Friday Thoughts September 17, 2010

Weather has been on the chilly side lately and even though I love a good peppermint tea or a pumpkin spice latte (yum!) I still eat ice cream as often as I do in ninety degree weather in the summer. I’m always up for trying new flavors and brands so the other day I bought a pint of Ciao Bella brand gelato in Tahitian Vanilla. All I can say is wow! It was so delicious, it really was the best vanilla I’ve ever tried.

Photo: Ciao Bella

If you knew me you’d know I am a new lover of frozen yogurt. I went to my favorite yogurt spot Yogurtland yesterday with a friend and was delighted to see they had a new flavor up, pumpkin pie! Once again I had hit the jackpot, it was delicious! Man I really love pumpkin. You know I’ve never carved a pumpkin before? I think I might this year. I also want to bake an apple pie and a pumpkin pie from scratch. If I can defeat the cheesecake I can defeat the pies!

Photo: weheartit

Any goals this holiday season?

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!


Mexican food and US Open tennis September 14, 2010

While in Los Angeles we were able to eat at a family favorite restaurant named:

I had the vegetable fajitas:

(sorry I totally picked at the avocado)

What I really like about this restaurant (other than the food) is the ambiance. They have authentic decorations complete with:

Before we left I had been watching Nadal’s match with Gilles Simon and was feeling pretty bummed at having to miss the end, but lo and behold they were showing the match on a television near my table! It was fun getting my entire table to applaud as Nadal celebrated his victory even though my aunt didn’t understand a thing about the game (only that my future husband Nadal was alto y guapo). Good food and a Nadal match, what more could I want  in one sitting? 🙂

Update: Nadal won the US Open! I was too happy for words last night, I felt so much pride 🙂 Vamos Rafa!

Photo: US Open

Happy Tuesday!


Family reunion August 23, 2010

This past weekend was the annual De Anda Family Reunion and it was held in one of my favorite parks, Ed R. Levin Park. Or Ed Levin as it’s known to locals. This event is an all day affair with all three meals being served. As you can imagine there was so much to see (and eat!) it was impossible to get all the photos I wanted, but I did manage to snap a few to share. The first one is of the banner, those are my great-grandparents in the corner, the reunion basically consists of my grandmother and her siblings and their families.

When you have that many people and every family brings food, you end with a lot of food. This is only the salads and some of morning food.

There were also several activities including the super popular horseshoe tournament! There was also face painting and entertainment for the kids.

Hope your weekend was as fam-fun as mine!

Happy Monday!


Nothing beats a good calzone August 19, 2010

Apparently hanging out with a friend is becoming a rare occasion for me. Which is why I was super excited to have “lunchinner” with my good friend Sam! We went over to BJs (her first visit) and had some salad, pasta, a calzone (served with marinara), and of course a pizookie trio! A pizookie is a cookie baked in its own little (or big) tin served with a scoop (or more) of ice cream and when they serve it the cookie is still hot and chewy and crunchy and the ice cream is cool creamy and delicious. Wow. For our trio we got the cookies ‘n cream (oreo cookie), peanut butter, and white chocolate macadamia, they were all served with vanilla ice cream. If you’ve never been to Bjs please look here to find a location near you. Unfortunately they don’t have locations on the East coast yet. I’m sure it won’t be long before they do. While having “lunchinner” I couldn’t help but go on and on and on about Vampire Academy. Can you blame me? I’m book obsessed remember? Besides she really liked the Twilight series so it’s within her range. When we came back to my house I let her borrow the first one and told her to finish it before we went hiking next Wednesday so we can discuss it 🙂 So excited! If you’re still wondering what in the world a pizookie is, here is some eye candy or should I say eye cookie ice cream goodness. Enjoy!

From a friends Facebook:

From BJs website:

Happy Thursday!


Awesome 18 August 17, 2010

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This past weekend we celebrated my cousin’s eighteenth birthday and my mom and I went all out making desserts! Some of you might remember those cheesecake bars I made for 4th of July? Well they were a hit and were specifically requested. My mom also made her yummy tiramisu and *drum roll* El Pastel Imposible. Some of my hispanic or spanish speaking readers might have heard of it, if not here it is:

When making it you pour in the cake batter first, then the flan batter on top. While cooking they switch spots hence the name imposible. It is as yummy as it looks, chocolate cake on the bottom and the flan on top are heavenly. Well I don’t have much time today, as I have an addiction to ease, so:

Happy Tuesday!


Love you Tiramisu :) August 9, 2010

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If my title didn’t already give it away my mom made Tiramisu this weekend! LOVED it. 

Unfortunately I am not able to reveal the recipe, but I did find a great recipe from Sandra Lee that is quite similar!

Hope you all had a sweet weekend too!

Happy Monday!