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Friday Thoughts September 17, 2010

Weather has been on the chilly side lately and even though I love a good peppermint tea or a pumpkin spice latte (yum!) I still eat ice cream as often as I do in ninety degree weather in the summer. I’m always up for trying new flavors and brands so the other day I bought a pint of Ciao Bella brand gelato in Tahitian Vanilla. All I can say is wow! It was so delicious, it really was the best vanilla I’ve ever tried.

Photo: Ciao Bella

If you knew me you’d know I am a new lover of frozen yogurt. I went to my favorite yogurt spot Yogurtland yesterday with a friend and was delighted to see they had a new flavor up, pumpkin pie! Once again I had hit the jackpot, it was delicious! Man I really love pumpkin. You know I’ve never carved a pumpkin before? I think I might this year. I also want to bake an apple pie and a pumpkin pie from scratch. If I can defeat the cheesecake I can defeat the pies!

Photo: weheartit

Any goals this holiday season?

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!


8 Responses to “Friday Thoughts”

  1. Leah Says:

    OH my YUM!


  2. Kristin Says:

    I bought that a couple weeks ago. SO yummy!

  3. My goal this holiday season is to whip up an amazing Thanksgiving dinner! I seriously want a Thanksgiving like the ones you see in movies – not the ones with dysfunctional families – the “perfect” Thanksgiving’s!! 😛

  4. Oh yummy! I love vanilla. Goals? Not sure I have any. I probably need some though!

  5. Maddy Says:

    I’m an ice cream person too!! Goals…I’m going to blog about that this week. I need to get back on track with mny weight loss. I’m so close to the finish line, but I’m slacking off A LOT!

  6. You can never go wrong with Vanilla, but this flavour seems extra tasty, reminds me of the ice-cream in Italy 🙂

  7. firepages Says:

    This is not what I needed to see after I ate a Snickers! But it does look delicious. Apple pie is the only pie I will eat!

  8. Rachel Says:

    That looks so yummy!!

    I carved a pumpkin last year. It was my first time, I think. I used some Halloween stencils I had. It was a lot of fun! You should definitely give it a try this Halloween!

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