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Happy 50th birthday! July 21, 2010

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Sorry I didn’t post anything yesterday,  I was out all day away from the computer. So Saturday was one of my mom’s cousin Fina’s 50th surprise (she was so surprised!) birthday party. It was planned by her daughters and everything was decorated in such a lovely way.They had so much food! They had flautas, some kind of meat (didn’t really look closely at it I admit), beans & rice, enchiladas, different salsas & guac., fruits, and cherries in cute little bags. Yum.Last but certainly not least, they had a cake that looked like it was straight out Ace of Cakes (or Cake Boss whichever you watch). It was pink (Fina’s fave color I guessed) and tasted better than it looked. Chocolate with chocolate. Yup it was heaven.Unfortunately the mariachi band got lost and didn’t show up, but the DJ made it early and filled the night with music of everyone’s taste. What impressed me the most was the location of their house. It’s in the Vallejo hills and the view all around was so beautiful.Sending some California Love to you all! Happy Wednesday!


3 Responses to “Happy 50th birthday!”

  1. firepages Says:

    That sounds like such a good time! The picture of the cake looks amazing. I’ve always loved the Mad Hatter sloping style. My family threw my grandma a 75th birthday party (her very first party ever) a few months back. It was quite an elaborate event with her signature colors: hot pink and black.

  2. Leah Says:

    Those cherries and that cake look so good! So glad your back!

  3. Maddy Says:

    What a gorgeous party and the cake is beautiful!! And I adore the cherry idea 🙂 BTW- I tagged you on a challenge on my blog! Hope you’re able to play along!

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