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Avon Foundation for Women July 17, 2010

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This week’s featured charity/program is the Avon Foundation for Women Speak Out Against Domestic Violence. They give funds to “domestic violence organizations for awareness, education, direct services and prevention programs”. Here are some facts that I found interesting from the website:

  1. One in every four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime
  2. 85% of domestic violence victims are women
  3. Females who are 20-24 years of age are at the greatest risk of nonfatal intimate partner violence
  4. Most cases of domestic violence are never reported to the police
  5. Witnessing violence between one’s parents or caretakers is the strongest risk factor of transmitting violent behavior from one generation to the next

You can also find resources and more information on the website If you would like to help out you can buy “Speak Out” products from Avon which you can find here.

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend.


3 Responses to “Avon Foundation for Women”

  1. Kristin Says:

    What an incredible organization!

  2. firepages Says:

    I love Avon. They are a fabulous organization and their eye makeup remover is to die for!

  3. Maddy Says:

    Glad to hear that Avon is giving back! What a wonderful cause!

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