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Babysitting Baby Sofia July 13, 2010

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My mom and I watched Sofia while the rest of her family went to see Despicable Me. I hadn’t seen her in a few weeks and man has she grown! She is longer and “fluffier”. She is 7 weeks old now, but it seems like she was born just the other day. Any who, I had a blast babysitting and squeezing her big cheeks! I have to say I had never taken care of a baby so young. So here is my story: My mom went to get us some food when the baby was sleeping. I was already thinking ok this is good, but man wouldn’t it suck if she woke up? I wouldn’t know what to do. Ha! My mind is my worst enemy. Every time I think “wouldn’t that suck?” it has a 99% chance of actually happening. So as soon as my mom pulled away from the curb, little Sofia woke up. I picked her up and started rocking her so she would go back to sleep and it worked! At that point I was like alright, yeah I can do this, this isn’t so hard, etc.. After a little bit I put her back in her bed and she instantly woke up again! This time I left her there, hoping she would go back to sleep soon. She didn’t, she demanded to be picked up after a few minutes. Luckily my mom walked in through the door after a few minutes of holding her again, so yay! Story ended with a happy note when expert grandma took over. Oh sorry about the quality of the pictures, I took them with my phone.Anyone else have babysitting stories?


4 Responses to “Babysitting Baby Sofia”

  1. Leah Says:

    Oh she is so cute! Those cheeks! I love sleeping babies!

  2. firepages Says:

    Oh she is precious! I’ve never taken care of a baby before. I wouldn’t know what to do when she woke up! I do want children of my own one day. They are all head and shoulders (no neck!).

  3. Kristin Says:

    What a doll. Just another reason I have second baby fever!

  4. Maddy Says:

    Baby Sofia is such a cutie!! BTW – these are wonderful pics from your phone! My phone pics never come out this good!

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