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Daisy’s baby shower! June 28, 2010

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It seems that lately all I have been attending are baby showers. Saturday was my cousin Daisy’s baby shower. My sister and I flew in a few hours before it began. It’s been a very long time since I last went to L.A. and I have to say I missed it. But that’s for another post another day (probably tomorrow I’m not gonna lie.) The baby shower was super fun one of my moms cousins was the DJ and there was a taquero serving the most delicious tacos (according to everyone, I didnt eat any) they also had pizza that went on for miles.

We played several games including stealing necklaces if they crossed their legs (I lost mine as soon as I sat down) and writing down baby essentials A-Z (English & Spanish) all in all it was super fun, full of good food, cake, and lots of baby clothes.

Now all that’s left for the parents-to-be is to wait patiently for little Aubrey Nevaeh to arrive.


4 Responses to “Daisy’s baby shower!”

  1. Maddy Says:

    Oh my goodness! I would be in heaven with that elaborate “taco bar”! I’m a big fan of the stuff! Glad you had a good time at the shower. For a while, I was attending showers non-stop!

  2. Pedro Says:

    Why wasn’t I mentioned?

  3. […] Baby Abri Neveah was born to my cousin Daisy, I also blogged about her baby shower! […]

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